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How much did that Rapper pay for their Jewelry!

We all know that the price of Genuine Diamonds and Gold can be absolutely unreal! Hip Hop artists like to go above and beyond with what they spend on Bling and nowadays they just keep making their Jewelers Richer and Richer, So exactly How much did they pay lets find out!

Here is a list of 5 of the most renowned Hip Hop artists of 2018 and what they Paid in Bling...

5) Tekashi 6ix 9ine (Jigsaw Piece) He Claims this Custom Pendant from the SAW franchise Cost him roughly 300k Which is far from insane!

4) Quavo (Ratatouille Piece) This Piece had cost Quavo 250K Holy Shyt but why???

3) Lil Uzi Vert (Devil Chain) I gotta say i do like this piece and i definitely goes with his upside down cross tenny he said " it was 150k" not too bad...

2) Lil Pump (Self Portrait) Ok 1st of all how in the hell did this guy even become a rapper his music sucks, but i think he sucks so bad he had to be noticed but anyway his self potrait piece cost apparently around 360K

1) Trippie Redd OK so the winner goes to this guy this is definitely a unique piece some people said it was $1,000,000 but come in with the common sense other more reputable sources said 200k either way very nice piece and trendy!

So ya these prices are a bit too insane and unfortunately i don't any of us will be buying a piece like this anytime soon! In the meantime hit us up at www.PrimoBling.com

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